Catch of the Day! Coffee House Fish Tacos

In the culinary sea of the Houston East End, there is no shortage of great tacos to be found among the largely Hispanic neighborhoods. With an area littered with taco trucks and taquerias serving up traditional beef, chicken and pork tacos, it was refreshing to find tacos with a lighter, much more So-Cal style.  The […]

Todai-ly delicious!

Is your group of friends made up of picky eaters that can’t decide what they want to eat? If so, Todai is definately the type of restaurant that can satisfy all of your culinary paletes! Traditionally, Todai is a sushi and seafood buffet chain that can be found all across the nation as well as […]

Jolynn’s Crawfish Restaurant

We checked out Jolynns Crawfish Restaurant after a few positive recommendations from a reader. From the looks of this place, it doesn’t look like much, but aren’t those the best places? YES, they usually are and this place is no exception! The main items are crawfish and crab with the usual sides available: corn, potato, and sausage. There are three […]