Houston Re-Market: September Fashion Edition!

The Houston Re-Market is an innovative monthly market whose goal is to foster responsible consumerism.  The market features approximately 10+ vendors who use recycled and reused materials and other sustainable practices in their craft.  In addition there are garage sales, a free swap (bring gently used, unwanted items and taking something new home), recycling drop […]

Mike Pierce – Blogger, Promoter, Movie Guy

Mike Pierce wears many hats. Sometimes, he’s a blogger and internet personality over at iWatchMike.com. Sometimes he’s a movie reviewer and connoisseur. Sometimes he’s an MC and promoter out on the Houston club scene. But the one thing that Mike Pierce, a.k.a. Mike The Movie Guy, never is? Boring. Mike is the business of fun, being a […]

Jessica Zapata – Entrepreneur, Model Scout, and Mom

The word “Mother” is a powerful one. Think about it. When something is the biggest or best of its kind, we call it the “Mother Of All…”. When we think of something otherworldly and nurturing, we call it things like “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature”. The very land we identify with, that defines us, we […]

Monica Matocha – Musician, Fashionista

When you first look at a young, pretty girl with a lot of jewelry on you might think, Don’t try so hard. That’s not the case with Monica Matocha.  Monica’s look is composed with a seamlessly genuine approach.  Each piece is hand-picked and even sometimes handcrafted to layer her style. This is what Monica does- […]

The Sauce Boys – Producers, Musicians, Artists

“Music is interesting.” When those words left Ro’Sean Langhum’s mouth, it made me pause. It’s not a complicated statement, nor is it the most revealing. But there’s something profound about those words, something deeper, that ultimately drives the reason for visiting the guys behind Sauce Boys Entertainment.  The Sauce Boys are a group of musicians, […]