VERSUS! A Tale of Two Downtown Italian Eateries

So you’re in downtown Houston, and in desperate, dire need of Italian food. Now. Anything that isn’t you spinning a fork in some noodles and twirling up a mouthful is pointless. Lord have mercy on those between you and pasta. Problem is, where? Downtown Houston has its fair share of pennes, pizzas, porettis, and other […]

Chi-Town goodness in the H-Town. Say what?

So let’s say that you happen to be on the north side of town and you have a craving for an out of the ordinary non-Texan meal. Look no further than Chicago Pizza and Italian Beef located on Airline in the Heights. The name covers the main dishes that are served here; however, they actually […]

The 5 Creepiest Places in Houston

If you haven’t learned this from our peddling of delicious foodstuffs, our indulgences in coffee at all hours of the day, or our generally being out and about among the well-lit goings on around our city, we here at MyHoustonLife are pansies.  Seriously, when one of the most burning questions we ask ourselves involves two overpriced hot dogs, we can’t […]

PIOLA, a real Italian pizzeria?! Sì!

For the longest time I had heard whispers that the pizza I had been enjoying for so long was not indeed, real pizza.  That there was something much tastier than the doughy, topping-laden, sauce-drenched pies the delivery places were shipping to my front door. Those same whispers also said… there was no such pizza in […]