Powered By Rice, The Rice Box Truck

I too, am powered by rice! A. Lot. Of rice. In my mind, there are three types of Chinese food — buffet Chinese food, westernized, chain Chinese food, and authentic, traditional Chinese food. They’re all completely different from each other and my stomach craves them all separately. Then I heard about The Rice Box Truck. A food […]

Every Day I’m Wafflin’ With The Waffle Bus

“MyHoustonLife, this is Tommy.” “Hi Tommy. I’m with the Cooking Channel’s Eat St. We will be in Houston this weekend filming The Waffle Bus and would like to invite MyHoustonLife to join other Houston food bloggers on our set.” “Wait. What? I’m going to be on TV?” “Maybe. There will be a lot of people […]

Stick It In Your Mouth! The Stick It Truck

Sometimes the food truck gods bring me food. I will admit that I have spent my fair share of time chasing after Houston’s ever growing population of food trucks. I am even beginning to realize that the sheer number of food trucks rolling around town nowadays is increasing faster than I can track them down. […]


I was fully aware of this cupcake craze for a couple of years but I never felt like driving across town to more well known cupcake bakeries such as Crave Cupcakes or Sprinkles for the 4 bites it takes me to devour one of their cupcakes. Then I heard about MMM…Cupcake and how they drive around in their tiny […]

Eatsie Boys… Fight! For your right! To eat gooooood food!

There is a common stigma that comes with food trucks — it’s just food truck food, it isn’t gourmet. Well while some Houstonian, self-proclaimed “foodies” may turn their noses up at food trucks like the Eatsie Boys trailer, we at MHL will continue to enjoy their culinary creations! With a menu filled with items that […]