HRW 2012: benjy’s in The Village

We made our second stop for Houston Restaurant Weeks at benjy’s in Rice Village to grab lunch from their HRW 2012 lunch menu. The tasty American-styled cuisine and chic ambiance of this West University eatery made for a great luncheon experience! Check out a couple highlights from our meal. Burger and fries! Is there a […]

HRW 2012: Hearsay Gastro Lounge

With Houston Restaurant Weeks 2012 fully underway, we decided to make our first stop at Hearsay Gastro Lounge for a weeknight dinner. Located near historic Market Square in Downtown, this cozy American eatery was the perfect way to kick off our 2012 HRW tour with a bang! Walking in, I immediately fell in love with […]

Powered By Rice, The Rice Box Truck

I too, am powered by rice! A. Lot. Of rice. In my mind, there are three types of Chinese food — buffet¬†Chinese food, westernized, chain Chinese food, and authentic, traditional Chinese food.¬†They’re all completely different from each other and my stomach craves them all separately. Then I heard about The Rice Box Truck. A food […]

Every Day I’m Wafflin’ With The Waffle Bus

“MyHoustonLife, this is Tommy.” “Hi Tommy. I’m with the Cooking Channel’s Eat St. We will be in Houston this weekend filming The Waffle Bus and would like to invite MyHoustonLife to join other Houston food bloggers on our set.” “Wait. What? I’m going to be on TV?” “Maybe. There will be a lot of people […]

Stick It In Your Mouth! The Stick It Truck

Sometimes the food truck gods bring me food. I will admit that I have spent my fair share of time chasing after Houston’s ever growing population of food trucks. I am even beginning to realize that the sheer number of food trucks rolling around town nowadays is increasing faster than I can track them down. […]