Stay Diverse names Cafe Europe a POI

[Editor’s Note: Houston is a huge, incredibly varied city, and there is so much to see and hear. Almost too much! Luckily, our good friends at Stay Diverse can often be seen out and about, highlighting some of the places we love and places we’ve yet to see. So while you’re stopping by MyHoustonLife to […]

Ohhh, Baby!! Ruggles Cafe and Bakery

Disclaimer: Drugs have not actually been found (or tested) in any of their food. If you go around town you’ll find Ruggles Grill (very fancy), Ruggles Green (very organic) and Ruggles Café and Bakery. I will focus of their Café and Bakery since, well, I’m partial to its location in Rice Village, and because it’s […]


I was fully aware of this cupcake craze for a couple of years but I never felt like driving across town to more well known cupcake bakeries such as Crave Cupcakes or Sprinkles for the 4 bites it takes me to devour one of their cupcakes. Then I heard about MMM…Cupcake and how they drive around in their tiny […]

MHL slows down @ Byzantio Cafe and Bar

The more I visit restaurants around town that have been converted from old homes, the more I realize how uniquely “Houston” these establishments are. I especially enjoy when the owners of the restaurant leave intact the major architectural features of the re-purposed home. Byzantio Cafe and Bar on West Gray, just outside of Midtown, is […]

the Teahouse

The Teahouse is a very modern and hip tapioca place with lots of choices on drinks. There is lots of room inside and tables set up outside perfect for a chess game or just good conversation with a friend. We liked this place because it was unique with music playing inside and lots of cool uses […]