Positive Disturbance: They’ve Done It Again

That’s right. Just when you think the beats are simmering for a while, the boys of Positive Disturbance flare up again with a new track that speaks to every soul who’s walked the edge between heaven and hell. And we’re not talking about that wild phase in college, we’re getting real: the inevitable purgatory that […]

MHL@FPSF 2012: Looking Back, And Looking Ahead

The tan has stuck around, and it’s mostly stopped burning when I shower. So I have that going for me. But, man oh man, it was worth it. Free Press Summer Fest came and went this weekend, and it was every bit the spectacle that we were promised. We expected amazing performances from artists mainstream […]

HOUSTUNES Spotlight On FPSF 2012: Electric Touch

Rock is at its best when two people hear the exact same song and get wildly different reactions. Some bands don’t get that. Electric Touch aims for that. “We always wanted to make music that people can have a good time to, and have fun with and dance to and sing along with, but we also wanted […]


Thanks to everyone for joining our first ever Live Blog! It was a great experience, and we look forward to having you guys join us in the future. And you can read all about MHL’s experience at Free Press Summer Fest here.

Free Press Summer Fest Is Coming, And Here’s Why I Can’t Wait

Houston needs a Free Press Summer Fest. Houston deserves a Free Press Summer Fest. Sure, at its most basic event description, FPSF is a really, really big concert. Myriad bands playing on hella stages, thousands upon thousands in attendance, sound coming from everywhere, all of that. And that’s not necessarily an inaccurate description. Certainly all of those […]