Positive Disturbance: They’ve Done It Again

That’s right. Just when you think the beats are simmering for a while, the boys of Positive Disturbance flare up again with a new track that speaks to every soul who’s walked the edge between heaven and hell. And we’re not talking about that wild phase in college, we’re getting real: the inevitable purgatory that […]

Positive Disturbance: The Band from the Land of Revolution

I’m bothered. I’m perturbed. I’m disturbed. And I like it. Every artist today claims to be the perfect mix or blend of two genres, two walks of life ripping holes into the convention of what we already heard to give us something fresh. Truth is, like fashion, today it’s all about the twist. From the name to […]

Monica Matocha – Musician, Fashionista

When you first look at a young, pretty girl with a lot of jewelry on you might think, Don’t try so hard. That’s not the case with Monica Matocha.  Monica’s look is composed with a seamlessly genuine approach.  Each piece is hand-picked and even sometimes handcrafted to layer her style. This is what Monica does- […]

HOUSTUNES Music Spotlight: Monica Matocha

The girl’s got style, and even defies gravity. Monica Matocha, local to Houston, is a young heart that’s destined to rise above all that holds back the elusive attainment of pop stardom. Passion like this can’t be taught, which is why Monica was immediately drawn to the line from Steven Furtick’s book, Sun Stand Still,  “If no one has […]