MHL’s Guide to Houston Restaurant Weeks

For Houston foodies this is the best time of the year. The first of August signified the start of Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW), a month-long celebration of Houston’s diverse culinary scene. Not only does HRW showcase the best of fine dining in Houston, but portions of the profits made by participating restaurants will be donated to the Houston Food Bank as well.

Yeah, that means you can eat out as much as you want this month (as long as its at a HRW restaurant) and not feel bad about it because well… its for a good cause!

Its no secret that the MHL staff is full of hungry, hungry, people and we’ve been waiting all year for HRW to come around — seriously, its like Christmas around here! So in honor of Houston Restaurant Weeks and good eatin’ for a great cause, we present to you, MHL’s Guide to Houston Restaurant Weeks.

So how does Houston Restaurant Weeks work?

Its really easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Browse the special HRW menus for over 160 Houston area restaurants
  3. Make a reservation at the restaurant that you want to dine at. Be sure to mention that you want the HRW menu reservation.
  4. Chow down!

Each participating restaurant will offer special menus for either lunch, dinner or both. Lunch menus are mostly 2 courses (some restaurants offer 3 courses for lunch) for $20 a person while dinner menus are 3 courses (some offer 4) for $35 a person.

Why we’re so excited about Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Uh, because we LOVE food! The love is greater when good food is involved too!

But in all seriousness, HRW is a great way for us to give back to those in need through the Houston Food Bank by doing something that 90% of us Houstonians do anyways, eat out.

HRW is also a great excuse to finally eat at some of those restaurants that you’ve been dying to try out but haven’t yet. Just off the top of my own personal list, I’ve been wanting to try Branch Water Tavern, Ousie’s Table, and Hearsay Gastro Lounge to name a few —  and they’re all on HRW’s list.

Also, HRW is an affordable way to dine at some of Houston’s finest restaurants without having to completely empty your wallet. For example, through HRW, you can get a steak dinner with sides, an appetizer and a dessert for $35 from Vic and Anthony’s. Walk in to Vic and Anthony’s without a HRW reservation and order the same meal, you’re looking at a bill of at least $60!

Eat like a baller for $35… we’re pretty psyched.

How can I get the best bang for my buck during Houston Restaurant Weeks?

Alright. Twenty bucks for lunch is pretty pricey.

Generally, on a day-to-day basis, I like my lunch to hover around $10. Sure there are always exceptions, but for HRW, we’re sticking to the dinner menus where the better values are.

If you’re really looking to get the best bang for your buck during Houston Restaurant Weeks though, stick to choosing restaurants that offer four course dinners instead of the usual three.

Same $35, slightly more food! Can’t go wrong with that logic! And just for you… here’s the list of some of the HRW restaurants that offer 4 course dinners.

  1. 51Fifteen Restaurant and Lounge
  2. Arturo’s Uptown Italiano
  3. Ciao Bello
  4. Convivo Restaurant and Tapas
  5. Coppa Ristorante Italiano
  6. Fratelli’s Authentic Italian Cuisine
  7. Giacomo’s Cibo e Vino

Browse through the rest of the restaurants here to find more.

Where can I get more information about Houston Restaurant Weeks?

The best way to keep up with all things HRW is to check in to their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

There are also some great articles that have been published about HRW:

And of course keep checking back here as we will be posting updates to this guide as well as posting new articles following our HRW adventures!

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